Eldré Beukes

Dr Eldré Beukes, is a Clinical Scientist in Audiology, who has gained widespread experience working in various NHS trusts. Her speciality lies in hearing implantable devices, vestibular assessments, tinnitus work and managing complex hearing loss. She has a PhD in Audiology, teaches students and is involved in numerous post-doctoral research projects. She won the 2017 Marie and Jack Shapiro Prize for her publication on the development of the Internet-intervention for tinnitus and the Richard May prize for the best training audiological scientist following her exams in 2009.

Clinical Audiologist: Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

Associate lecturer: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Post-doctoral researcher: Lamar University, USA & Anglia Ruskin University

Masters in Audiology

BSc in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Audiological Scientist Training

British Sign Language Level 1

Associate Teaching Fellowship

Certificate in Audiology APEL Route

Marie and Jack Shapiro Prize, 2017

British Society of Audiology Applied Research Grant, 2016

Graduate teaching assistant scholarship, Anglia Ruskin University, 2014

Richard May Prize 2007 for best Audiological Scientist Trainee of the year

Health and Care Professions Council Registration

Clinical Scientist in Audiology No: CS18180

Hearing Aid Dispenser: HAD02755

British Society of Audiology No: 3845

British Tinnitus Association corporate member

Present research is into developing and evaluating an internet intervention for tinnitus in the UK and USA. For more information see www.tacklingtinnitus.co.uk.

UCL Tinnitus Masterclass presentation. 2018. Internet-based tinnitus interventions.

Keynote speaker at the British Tinnitus Association Conference 2017. Cognitive behavioural therapy for tinnitus.

Third Internet and Audiology Conference, Kentucky, USA, 2017. Evaluating an Internet intervention for tinnitus.

1st World Tinnitus Congress and the XII International Tinnitus Seminar, Warsaw, Poland, 2017. An Internet-based intervention for tinnitus.

Manchester University Tinnitus Masterclass presentation. 2017. Practicalities of an Internet-based intervention.

13th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and other Implantable Auditory Technologies, Munich, Germany, 2014. Hearing Preservation following Adult Cochlear Implantation.

BAA Regional Meeting in Cambridge, 2010. Implantable devices.

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