Victoria Parfect

Victoria Parfect, is deputy lead of paediatric audiology at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Hospital Trust and the audiology clinical lead for Cleft.NET.East (regional clinical cleft team). As a Specialist Audiologist, she has extensive clinical experience in paediatric assessment and habilitation. Victoria has lectured and presented widely on areas of paediatric audiology care, particularly in her specialist interest of hearing and its holistic interaction in children born with a cleft palate. Victoria has worked with the International Nepal Fellowship to Nepal to provide Audiology support on one of their ‘Ear Camps.’ She is the current secretary for the national Clinical Excellence Network for hearing professionals in cleft care.

British Academy of Audiology CAC (Certificate of Audiological Competence)

MSc Audiology (Distinction)

BSc (Hons) (2:1) Physiology

Health and Care Professions Council 2008 – present

Registration number: CS15751

British Academy of Audiology 2000 – present

British Society of Audiology 2000 – present

Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Ireland 2005 – present

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Presentation: Audiological audit data; the impact on hearing management in the cleft palate population. Cleft.NET.East regional study day (2017). 

Keynote speaker: Hearing aid fitting in infants: A UK centre’s approach. (March 2015)  Sweden’s Biennial national audiology congress, TeMA Horsel Malmo, Sweden 

Workshop session. Infant hearing aid fitting – a UK approach. Working though practical considerations for the clinic setting. (March 2015)  Congress as above. 

Keynote speaker: Paediatric hearing aid fitting and verification presentation and practical workshop Oticon Winter Event, Norway. (2014)

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Sheffield University, Department of Human Communication Sciences, Post Graduate Certificate Cleft Palate Studies (Speech and Language Therapists): visiting lecturer annually 2006 – 2018, Lecture: Hearing Management and Assessment in Children born with a Cleft of the Palate

University College of London, BSc (Hons) Audiology: external examiner annually 2009 – 2014; exam: Audiology BSc third year Paediatric Case Study Assessments

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology November 2015: course design (together with Ms L Cooper) and visiting lecturer: Paediatric Assessment and Habilitation module and assessment.