We have expertise in managing a wide range of hearing-related problems.  Our services are comprehensive and delivered with excellence of care. They are directed at finding out your individualised needs and addressing them with solutions that suit your lifestyle. They include comprehensive assessments, advanced hearing aid solutions, tinnitus management, hearing protection and bespoke earplugs.


Our services include:

  • In-depth hearing assessments to both adults and children
  • Advanced hearing solutions using the latest in wireless technology
  • Strategies to tackle tinnitus
  • Custom-made hearing protection such as musician’s earplugs
  • Bestoke earplugs for music, sleeping and swimming


Speciality Service for teenagers

We have extensive experience working with this age group in letting their concerns and expectations be addressed.

Hearing Therapy Service

We are also able to offer advice and support with other assistive technology which may be able to help in situations you struggle in.

Provision of custom made hearing protection and swimming moulds

We are able to adjust the hearing protection according to your needs and individualise your hearing protection.

Audeo V

Hearing aid fittings

The technological advances of hearing aids are astounding. They are much more discrete than they have ever been.

Compilot II

Complex and severe-profound hearing loss

Different hearing losses each bring their challenges. Some hearing losses can be corrected with standard amplification. Other hearing losses require an in-depth assessment to be able to manage them effectively.

Example of a sound generator for tinnitus

Tinnitus assessment and management

Our team has great expertise in helping those with tinnitus understand this complex condition and work toward situations to ensure the tinnitus moves from the foreground to the background.


Single-sided deafness

Our team has worked extensively with patients, presenting with single-sided deafness and understand the difficulties and complexities involved.

Bone Anchored Hearing Systems assessment and fitting

There are currently several possible bone conduction implants which may be suitable, Each works in a different way.

Naida CI and HiRes 90K Advantage Implant

Cochlear Implant Assessment and Rehabilitation

Cochlear implants are designed to enable people with a significant hearing loss, who derive limited benefit from hearing aids, to access sound.