Any amount of hearing loss and greatly reduce your quality of life. It is estimated that 1 in 6 people experience hearing loss, and many do nothing about it. Interestingly, there is a link between your hearing health and overall well-being and cognitive functioning. An untreated hearing loss can therefore have a significant effect in many areas of your life.

The technological advances of hearing aids are astounding. They are much more discrete than they have ever been with more functionality, such as wireless connectivity. Fitting hearing aids is a science that needs precision. Lifestyle factors, your ear characteristics and type of hearing loss all need to be factored in. It is vital that your hearing loss is accurately diagnosed, otherwise the hearing aid may not provide the benefit it could. It is furthermore important to fit hearing aids scientifically and adjust them according to individual lifestyles to maximise their value. Our team will take every care to ensure your hearing aid fitting is optimal. We will also advise on how best to address everyday difficulties you may be facing such as struggling during meetings or on the telephone. We furthermore offer a range of wireless accessories to help in difficult listening situations.

Hearing loss can cause many difficulties and often hearing aids in isolation are not enough. We have extensive experience in helping patients to understand the nature of their hearing loss and how listening can be improved by utilising other tactics and strategies. We are also able to offer advice and support with other assistive technology which may be able to help in situations you struggle in. These may be in meetings, on the phone or hearing the television. Hearing aids are not always able to resolve all difficulties an individual may be experiencing and other options need to be investigated. In these instances, hearing therapy may be useful.