We make a range of earplugs. These include:

  • Hearing protection
  • Swim moulds
  • Sleep moulds
  • Custom made ear buds

Some people get ear infections easily. Water in the ear canal can aggravate these infections or cause them to reoccur. Young children have a greater risk. For such situations we can make you custom ear impressions that can be used when you swim, bath or shower to ensure water does not enter your ears. This makes it easier carry on with everyday life without aggravating your infections.

Exposure to any form of loud music or noise and cause permanent hearing damage and tinnitus (a sound in your ears, such as a ringing or buzzing). This may be due to high levels of noise at work or during leisure activities such as playing music in a band. This damage may be minimised through the use of specialised hearing protection in these circumstances. We are able to adjust the hearing protection according to your needs and individualise your hearing protection.