Young children

We are provide hearing assessments for children from around 3 years of age. Young children often have temporary hearing problems related to glue ear. This is when the middle ear become filled fluid. Your child may be struggling to hear if they often:

  • speak more loudly or quietly than usual
  • have difficulty to understand
  • ask people to repeat what they say
  • ask for the TV or music to be turned up loud
  • struggle to hear people far away
  • become easily distracted when people are talking
  • seem tired and irritable because it’s harder to listen


Moving from school in to sixth form and then on to work or University can be a challenging time for a teenager. For those with a hearing loss or tinnitus it can be especially stressful. We have extensive experience working with this age group in letting their concerns and expectations be addressed. Our services include offering support with Access to Work and University applications, as well as teaching good communication tactics for new environments. We are also able to identify what additional equipment may help to hearing things like your mobile phone or iPod.